Monday, 16 May 2016

Venus Pool, Shropshire 14 May

A family weekend in Shropshire gave me the opportunity to visit a new site for me - Venus Pool near Shrewsbury. This turned out to be better than expected. Shortly after arrival, a helpful local showed me a sunning Grass Snake just outside the main hide.

Birdwise, although various scarcities from earlier in the week had moved on (Gargeney and Little Tern), I was still able to have some memorable moments with a pair of Little Ringed Plovers that displayed briefly very close to one of the hides.

Click here to enlarge this image
Click here to enlarge this image

Displaying Little Ringed Plover

After this "show", there was a rather more distant strange encounter between a super aggressive Moorhen that took on at least one Carrion Crow! It even seemed to have the upper hand at times, as shown below.

Moorhen attacking a Carrion Crow! 
Click here for a larger image

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