Friday, 30 December 2016

Scary Hill, Oxon 30 December 2016

With the thick fog this morning it didn't seem worth going out birding, so I went for a walk on the Downs instead. Afterwards as the fog had mostly cleared and the light was again superb, I went the long way home looking for suitable photo targets from the car.

Driving along the Lambourn to Kingston Lisle road I came across a flock of small birds on some rain water filled pools, where it was possible to park off the road. Of course all the birds flew off as I pulled in, but they didn't go far and shortly one or two actually came back!

I didn't have long as they soon flew off again, and the flock gradually dispersed up the lane. Nevertheless, with the low winter sun behind me, I was pleased with this brief c. 10min stop. How different from the 4 hours waiting for Bittern shots yesterday!

Yellowhammer - go to my website for a larger image

Yellowhammer bathing - go to my website for a larger image

Linnet drinking - go to my website for a larger image


  1. Very nice Steve looks like your having fun with the new bazooka :0)

  2. Indeed! Impressive reach and sharpness even the x1.4 on.