Sunday 4 March 2018

Pit 60 & Harwell Campus

I was keen to get out today with the lens to see if  I could get any "snowy" photos, given that there was so much of it around!

Tramping down the tracks to the LL hide for Pit 60, it was clear from the lack of footprints that I was the first to venture down the last little stretch to the hide, and so I had the place to myself for a bit. With about half the pit frozen, there was a small flock of Teal fairly close on the bank, mostly asleep, before they all flew off. Also a distant Snipe on the island to the left, and a very unhappy looking Lapwing briefly. That was about it apart from plenty of the usual duck in the distance on the open water.

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Several other birders then appeared but by then all the birds had retreated a fair distance from the hide.

Eager for more snowy photos, I tried the Harwell Campus and found some reasonably approachable thrushes, but by now the thaw had really set in and there wasn't much snow left on the grass. 

Mistle Thrush with a little snow behind. Click here for larger image.

Fieldfare also with a little snow. Click here for larger image

For larger versions of all these images, go to my website at this page.