Monday 27 September 2021

GOSHAWK in South Wales - 9 September!!

Another trip to Ian Howells' hide in South Wales but this time the target was an awesome and rare juvenile Goshawk that had started showing just the week before. Last year an adult had appeared in August, but I didn't manage to see it despite one extended 12+ hour session. Hence this year I was very keen for another opportunity! 

I was very fortunate to get a cancellation for this session for which an early start was needed to arrive by 07:00. By around 07:20 I was all setup and ready. Remarkably soon, at 07:45, in flew the star bird which stayed for about 25mins, tearing into the Woodpigeon!

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This is one of the first photos I got, before the feathers started to fly and the rain set in:

Goshawk - first shot © Stephen Burch

Shortly after its arrival, the rain started which I think made some of these photos more atmospheric, despite the rotten light. 

I feel this photo captures well the power of this awesome raptor:

Goshawk - in some rain © Stephen Burch

Crop of the photo above © Stephen Burch

Goshawk - in heavy rain © Stephen Burch

After the Goshawk departed early morning, I had a considerable wait until the male Sparrowhawk decided to put in an appearance, first at around midday and then again just before I departed at 17:15. There was no sign today of any Buzzards, that had also been coming in recently. 

Sparrowhawk © Stephen Burch

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Kingfisher - 10 August

It was time for a another visit to Pete Whieldon's excellent setup at Otterbourne near Winchester for Kingfisher photography, now that a juvenile has returned to the pool and its perches. 

Light conditions were very variable through the day, but the bird appeared plenty of times.

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Diving down - first contact between the bill and the water!

Coming up without a fish

Perched with fish

Waiting for the right moment to dive

Friday 3 September 2021

Farmoor - 3rd September

 Nice to find the obliging Ruff still present on the causeway this morning.

Ruff (c) Stephen Burch. Click here to enlarge

Crop of the image above (c) Stephen Burch