Monday 22 March 2021

More Woodland Birds - 18 March

A return visit. No Nuthatch shots today but a different angle and a Marsh Tit did show. Unfortunately one of them had nasty growths on its head, as did a Great Tit that was even worse. Some infection being passed around at the feeders?

Once again click on the captions to enlarge.
Marsh Tit upright

Marsh Tit with Blue Tit in the background

Marsh Tit more normal posture


Blue Tit with raised "crest"

Great Tit 

Monday 8 March 2021

Woodland Birds - February/March

A collection of photos of some local common woodland birds taken recently.

Click on most of the captions for larger images.

Nuthatch on side of tree
Nuthatch on the ground

Marsh Tit

Blue Tit
Blue Tit close-up (crop of photo above)
Blue Tit in flight - not an easy one to get!
Great Tit