Saturday 16 April 2016

Farmoor & Lark Hill: 16 April

With the morning rain (& a little snow!), a delayed start seemed in order, so it was early afternoon before I arrived at the Farmoor car park. Up on the causeway it was almost like winter with an icy wind from the north. The first birds of interest were several Common Terns flying around by the sailing club and a few Swallows over the waterworks.

But there was no sign of any Yellow Wagtails on the grassy slope, so I proceeded across the causeway to find at least five Yellow Wagtails but they were very jumpy with seemingly no chance of good photos. In the distance there was an adult Little Gull - always good to see.

So I pressed on to Shrike Meadow where all that can be seen from the hide is a bank of reeds! Pinkhill was quiet although the resident pairs of Mute Swan and Canada Goose were having a bit of an argument. There was also a pair of Shovelers at the back and I could hear the welcome song of Willow Warbler.

Returning along the causeway, I had a more prolonged attempt at photographing the Yellow Wagtails which were still jumpy but not quite as bad as before. The steady stream of cars and people didn't help though.
Yellow Wagtail

While on the causeway, I suddenly noticed a Red Kite approaching directly along the causeway towards me, so I sat still and waited for it get closer and closer...

Red Kite (lower is crop of upper image).

Click here for a larger image

Lark Hill
On the way home, I again decided to try Lark Hill and was again rewarded by a Wheatear on the reservoir mound inside the chain link fence.


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