Tuesday 3 May 2016

Lake Kerkini area April 2016 - other birds

The general area around Lake Kerkini has much to offer as well as pelicans, herons and the like. My prime target was Grey-headed Woodpecker that I managed to find on my first morning. This finally completed my set of all the European Woodpeckers. The ever colourful Bee Eaters and Hoopoe were also quite numerous but there seemed to be a remarkable dearth of warblers, shrikes and the like. Some other birders agreed with me on this, so it didn't seem to be just my lack of birding skills! Perhaps I was too early in the season.
Grey-headed Woodpecker - a difficult bird to see and photograph
Bee Eater not on a wire!
Bee Eater in flight
Hoopoe in the evening light
Great Reed Warbler in the early morning light - one of the few species of warbler making their presence known

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