Saturday 10 December 2016

Pit 60: December 10th am

Despite the rotten forecast today, the Langley Lane hide seemed the place to start so that if the forecast rain arrived it wouldn't be too problematic. Arriving around 08:30 I was faced with a particularly bleak, grey and uninspiring scene! The light was poor and although there were plenty of the usual winter birds around there was nothing close enough to the hide to get interested in.

The only mildly notable bird was way off in the distance down the other end - a fine male Goosander.

With nothing much doing after more than an hour, I headed off to the North Shore hide to find much the same scene and the light seemed to getting worse by the minute, especially when the predicted rain duly arrived. About the only bird close enough to be of interest was a humble Gadwall.

Gadwall from the North Shore Hide
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Crop of image above

The Goosander was a bit closer from this hide, and two Red-crested Pochard appeared as well. Returning to the Langley Lane Hide, there was again little nearby action, but the Kingfisher did put in a visit - with a momentary perch on the "branch" before speeding off into the distance. 

Cormorant also from the NS hide
Also quite sharp!

Out in the middle of the pit was a single Yellow Legged Gull with a very striking white head, given the time of year. 

Distant Yellow Legged Gull

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