Sunday 18 February 2018

Australia Trip Report now ready!

After a good deal of preparation my trip report for Australia in last October is finally available on my website!

This features a detailed account of the various places visited, birds seen and of course there are plenty of photos of the birds and other wildlife of this amazing continent.

The report is split into different pages for ease of navigation, as follows:

1. Introduction
Info about travel, logistics, weather etc

2. Singapore 
Account of our 4 night stay en-route to our main destination.
Crimson Sunbird
3. Darwin & Kakadu
Phase 1 of our Australian adventure featuring, pittas, waders, water birds and many others.

Rainbow Pitta
Rainbow Beeeater 

4. Cairns & the wet tropics
Phase 2. 8 night mini tour of this amazing area. Southern Cassowarys, Victoria's Riflebird, Great and Tooth-billed Bowerbirds etc.

Victoria's Riflebird
5. O'Reillys
Phase 3. Only 3 nights but what superb birds - colourful, exotic and very tame! Shame about the rain...
King Parrot

Phase 4. Close up views of breeding sea birds everywhere on an island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkeling with Manta Rays. Another extraordinary place for birds and other wildlife.
Red-tailed Tropicbird

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