Tuesday 24 December 2019

Farmoor: 21 December

Fortunately I was already at Farmoor when Stuart found the Slavonian Grebe, having had fruitless but relatively short sessions in both hides (apart from a single Siskin briefly in the top of the feeders tree from the SM hide).

I spent some time waiting for the grebe to come close, which it didn't, before realising nearer views could be had from a bit further up on the W side of F2. By then the cloud had started to roll in, but fortunately the sun came out again briefly.

With the sun out, the huge contrast between the white parts on the bird and the rest of it caused some issues, but it is amazing what can be done with the computer afterwards!

For a larger image, go to this page on my website.

Slavonian Grebe
For a larger image, go to this page on my website.

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