Monday 25 January 2021

Wantage & surroundings in the snow - 24 January

Snow always adds interest to photos but sadly in southern England opportunities are very limited. So when there was a snow fall in the morning yesterday, I was keen to get out and find something to photograph. 

First up, walking to Letcombe Regis, I thought there was a fair chance that the Great Bustard would still be in the usual field to the east of the village. Indeed it was and I managed to get a low angle photo that at least showed some snow had fallen.

As usual, click on the captions for larger images

Great Bustard in the snow!

Later, I had amazing luck at the top of Chain Hill, just outside Wantage, with an apparent road-kill (a hare?) in the snow close to the road but not on it. There were a few raptors in attendance when I drove past, and this one stayed put when I came back even at point-blank range!

Buzzard on kill in the snow!

This was very close, as shown by the crop below!

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