Thursday 20 May 2021

Otterbourne, Winchester - 15 April

Another successful visit to this hide near Winchester run by Pete Whieldon for Kestrel and supporting cast. Only the male was showing today, but it did come in frequently, especially in the morning. The female was away on the nest, incubating. At least 10 visits, I counted in total. 

One of the great things about Pete's setup is the wide variety of perches available and I was able to get the Kestrel to do a good tour of most of them during his 10+ visits! The "action" shots are something I thought I would try using the R5's animal eye detection auto focus in attempts to keep on the bird as it moved from perch to another.

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As usual, click on any of the captions to enlarge.

Just after take off

About to depart this perch

Caught in level flight between perches

Diving down to another perch

See below for a few of the somewhat easier to take perched shots:

There was some sun early on, but it didn't last!

Looking at the camera

A somewhat different perch!

Unlike my previous visits here, the supporting cast also performed very well, keeping me busy between Kestrel visits. This splendid male Bullfinch was probably my top priority but getting nice shots of Wren and Grey Wagtail is always difficult.



Grey Wagtail



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