Sunday 17 July 2022

Brine Pit Hides, Droitwich - 21 June

There has been a "Kestrel" hide at Brine Pit, near Droitwich for several years, but sightings were generally so infrequent that a session wasn't worthwhile. That all changed suddenly in mid June, which prompted me to make an immediate booking.

Unlike the Little Owl hide, this one faces north east, so by mid afternoon the sun is directly behind the hide. In fact the light for the whole afternoon and early evening was from a reasonable direction but with full sun all day the light was very harsh for much of the time. Not so good all morning of course,  unless you like backlit shots, which I generally don't. 

For this session, the bird visited numerous times; presumably it had some hungry mouths to feed nearby. Another long day, but more satisfying than my earlier Little Owl session due mainly to the better hide direction, combined with the very frequent visits mostly of a reasonable duration.  

As usual, click on the captions for larger images. 

Kestrel with raised wings © Stephen Burch

Kestrel departing © Stephen Burch

Kestrel in flight © Stephen Burch

Kestrel with mouse © Stephen Burch

Kestrel incoming © Stephen Burch

Kestrel portrait © Stephen Burch

Kestrel stare © Stephen Burch

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