Sunday 18 September 2016

Otmoor: 17 September am - Got it!

After a busy week away on business and a late return home on Friday night, I didn't make it to Otmoor until about 09:45, for my second attempt to see the Purple Heron. I started by the cattle pens, but Tezzer helpfully suggested moving further along the bridleway would be a better spot. After only about 20mins, Paul Greenaway passed by saying he had seen it down the western end of Greenaways, so I moved a bit further along.

Here I settled in for a wait and fortunately some others stopped as well - the more eyes looking the better in my experience. It then began to rain and things didn't look good, but it eventually stopped. At around 11:30 the cry of "there it is" went up, and I just managed to get onto it as it flew over 2 black cows before landing distantly towards the north eastern corner of Greenaways. I could now relax and hope for better views and maybe some pics. However, although I saw it again in flight 2-3 times over the next couple of hours, over on the eastern side of the diagonal track, it was always very brief sightings of a distant bird, flying low over the ground. Still the main thing was to have seen it!

Many thanks to the sharp eyed guy who spotted it first (I never got his name)!

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