Sunday 4 September 2016

Standlake Pit 60: 3rd Sept am

It was back to Pit 60 again today for another Great White Egret attempt. This time on arrival I was somewhat surprised to find the Langley Lane hide already occupied by two others and that the Egret was showing, albeit distantly on the south shore. Shortly afterwards it became more active and flew across the lake to the north shore, and then proceeded to fly again along the shore towards our hide and the north east corner. This provided some opportunities for some rather too distant photos, but they were much better than nothing.

Thereafter the star bird moved back along the north shore, past the north shore hide (which was probably unoccupied at the time) and then back to the south shore where it seemed happiest feeding a couple metres off the shore line. It remained there for the rest of the morning at least.

Great White Egret

It was also good to find that at least one Greenshank was present, which came past the hide 2-3 times, this time giving slightly better photo opps than last week. In addition, there was also a glimpse of a high velocity Kingfisher going past in a hurry - showing no sign of stopping!

Thereafter, having spent some 4hrs in the hide, the rain arrived and with the terrible light it didn't seem worth staying any longer. A return via Lark Hill (car only) drew a complete blank for a second or third time this autumn.

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