Thursday 19 August 2021

Farmoor - 18 August

I got lucky on my first visit to Farmoor in months! An early report of waders prompted me to go, but when I got there all I could find initially was a juvenile Oystercatcher.

However, shortly afterwards, Isaac West kindly told me that there was an Osprey was about! This bird hung around for some time, but it was often extremely distant. However it came closer to the causeway a few times. 

This shot was taken on its last and closest approach, just as it was starting to brighten up. I was using the 500f4 with the x2 TC, hand held for this shot - not something I would normally attempt but with the bird almost overhead it was the only option.

As usual, click on the captions for larger images!

Osprey (c) Stephen Burch

For the photo below, the bird was a bit more distant and this was taken before the sun made a brief appearance.

Osprey (c) Stephen Burch

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