Sunday, 15 August 2021

South Wales - 9 July 2021

Reports of Tawny Owlet(s) at Ian Howells' hide in South Wales prompted me to book another session there - some two years after my first visit back in the pre-Covid era of 2019.  

Ian had changed his setup somewhat to have a perch that would accommodate multiple birds in the flash "zone" at once. However in the event the owlet(s) never showed and even this adult only stayed a second or two on each of its four or so visits. 

Prior to my departure at 00:30, I only managed one useable burst of shots of the incoming bird, of which I show two of the frames here. Not really what I was hoping for, but that's wildlife for you. It is possible some nearby Badgers had spooked the owls that night.

Click on the captions for larger images

Incoming Tawny Owl (c) Stephen Burch

Incoming Tawny Owl a couple of frames later. (c) Stephen Burch

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