Saturday 7 November 2020

Farmoor - 6 November


At last a worthwhile bird in Oxon to chase! My first visit was the previous afternoon when I saw the bird but only distantly as it was way out in the middle of  F2. Today, on arrival the bird was showing conveniently from the eastern bank, i.e. very close to the car park. This was most unusual as most good birds at Farmoor are as far as it is possible to be from the car park!

Unfortunately this bird was keeping its distance so a severe test even for the 500mm lens with the x2 converter and my new R5. Also the light wasn't great. 

On its closest approach it had this low profile the whole time before turning round and swimming out. 

Click on the captions for larger images

Keeping a low profile when closest to the bank

More of the bird - but further away and without the earlier sun

Wing flapping which it did a few times


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