Friday 13 November 2020

Farmoor & Buckland - 12 November

Having been snagged by a fisherman's hook a couple of days ago the Great Northern Diver was unsurprisingly keeping its distance today, but this Scaup eventually proved more obliging in the nice sunny conditions early on today. Thanks to Bob for the heads-up on its presence and whereabouts.

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Female Scaup (c) Stephen Burch

After this relatively brief visit to Farmoor, I wanted to make the most of the sunny conditions and so headed to a new site for me near Buckland to attempt to find (and photo) the Crossbills that had been reported from here recently. I parked in the village and then took a public footpath diagonally across parkland to meet the A420, whereupon the private road and public footpath to a farm, frequented by the Crossbills, was directly opposite. 

A flock of about ten flew in shortly after I arrived and promptly vanished into a tree whilst feeding. They were very difficult to photo being high up in the top of the tree and were generally invisible or highly obscured. This was the only time one appeared out in the open.

Crossbill (c) Stephen Burch

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