Thursday 5 November 2020

Southern Oxon - 30/31 October

It is not easy finding places for bird photography in Oxon currently and now Lockdown 2 is going to make it even harder!

I got lucky for a change with this Kingfisher, which has required some patience. Once again, click on the caption for a larger image. 


This photo is surprisingly sharp considering the distance to the bird which required a substantial crop even when using my 500mm lens with the x2 TC. With the Canon R5, this crop and lens combination gave an effective focal length of just over 3000mm for this photo! 

I was also fortunate to come across a couple of Stonechat by the road at Westcot Down - a stretch where I've sometimes had some success in the past. I was able to use the car as a reasonably effective hide for this shot. Of the two birds, only this first winter (I presume) seemed willing to come reasonably close! 


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